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Τρίτη, 1 Ιουνίου 2010


I was watching the headlines yesterday and was disgusted about the whole episode with Israel storming a boat filled with aid set to go to Gaza to help the Palestinians there. First of all they had no right to storm a ship in international waters. Suspecting that they were carrying weapons drugs etc is insane. Israel always comes up with these pathetic excueses whenever something like this occurs. They completely ignore UN Rures. Over the years again after again they have taken more and more land from the Palestinians. I also couldnt belive how a few years ago they bombed Gaza and put it under siege. This has affected civillians as the missiles were targeted at water tanks and public sectors. They conrol thoroughly what goes in and out of the City and restrict aid from charities and building supplies, this has left Gaza povert stricken. I was quite impressed about how people in Europe reacted and how upset they are about the whole situation. Personally l dont mind going out and burning a whole load of Israeli flags in the centre of Kifissia.

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