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Κυριακή, 20 Ιουνίου 2010

inviting lyse douset on facebook and fathers day

   i was stumbling across the endless search box of facebook when l suddenly realised taht l should join lyse dousets fan page. That l did but also in my delight l could also personally add her to my friend list. As my mum is a friend of stephen sackur (hardtalk). With my request l sent her message telling her l was a great fan and how brilliant l think she speaks on television, olso how morally she has benifited me. l will wait anxiously till her answer has arrived.
   Today as many might know is fathers day. We all acted like we had no idea when or what fathers day was and my dad looked a bit disapointed. Before lunch he and my little brother headed to the pool. My older brother headed downstairs to play wii and me and my mum went off to buy a painting from a rather pleasant english lady who had her own art gallery. We returned back to the house and headed of and got some really good asian food and that is really the fathers day we have had

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