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Τρίτη, 1 Ιουνίου 2010

ipod touch,cancer vaccination & end of exams

   Yaaay! A few days ago my awaiting ipod touch arrrived. The facilities on it are amazing and l am very impressed. Nowonder Apple has overtacken Micrososft in stocks by 20%. Yes ladies and gentleman apple is know officialy the Number 1 technology selling company in the world. Going onto another more happy news headline. Doctors in America believe that they have at last found a vaccination for breast cancer. Breast Cancer is affecting more and more women every year if they do find a cure it could save hundreds of lives. Now for another thing, after a long struggling week l have at last finished my exams. They were suprisingly easy except the Maths test which l did struggle on but l know as a fact that lm not the only one who found it difficult. Another recent honor was that lve been chosen by my teacher to go introduce the yr 6's to the upper school.

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