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Σάββατο, 19 Ιουνίου 2010

Trip to delphi

   Well the hotel was nice and luxurious, but personally l didn't quite enjoy the trip the fact of cycling up steap slopes for 3 hours in 40 degrees celsius isn't much fun or hiking as a fact. Most people collapsed in heatsroke including me. The guy who organised it was a psycho and he pressured us way to much and if we did anything wrong he would growl at u like some kind of tiger. Talking about the site itself to tell you the truth u cant really enjoy a site if you only have 15 minutes to see it. We basically ran up and ran down, to make matters worse we had no tour guide and we hardly new anything about the site itself. There were positive aspects to the trip like hanging out with friends andeating out in the evening. The hotel food was a nice buffet and l really liked the pool even though overall we had 10 minutes to swim in it. Also answering to my cousin Theos comment on my post about my dream job, yes l do like luxury but it isn't and will never be vital in my life also l hope l do get to see u Theo when l go to america. Alo to spark up all of our moods on the last day while we were eating a forest fire sparked out in the mountain area of parnasos it was about a km long, but by the time we finished it was about 5 km long so it was quite releaving when we got on the bus

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