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Δευτέρα, 14 Ιουνίου 2010

Trip to Delphi and dream job

  l have been meaning to report that on Wednesday l'll be going on a class trip. Though l have been before l am compeled to go again as it is a fascinating place and to note that the hotel were going to is extremely classy and expensive(this has driven me to go again). The trip will take place for 2 nights and will include cycling, swimming, hiking and clambering up the site itself. Now to explain what Delphi is! In ancient greece it was a sanctuary towards the god Apollo it is most comonly known as the place were the greek oracles would answer the questions given by people and answer them in riddles. To cope with the struggle to stay alive through the boredom my mom has kindly donated her i-touch which l will take care of responsibly.
   Now to a completely diffrent subject, l have given it much thought and have come to the conclusion that l want to become a journalist as a corespondent for BBC or CNN. See one of my main motivations in life is to see the world and to lead a intresting and quite dangerous life. That is why l would like to turn to the middle east of africa possibly the carribean alongside mexico. To be truly frank l dont really mind what ever area of the world l do end up in. l would like to change area every 5 years so l can live a spontanious life. Meanwhile when l am somewhere l will travel to diffrent areas of the continent. l have been greatly influenced by Lyse Douset. Zeinab Badawi, Kitsty Lang and Steven Sacker, bbc world news has helped me agree on this decision through manly the show Our World. To make sure that l do get there l have sold myself to the devil.

P.S If any relatives are intrested in where lm staying go to http://www.anemolia.gr/

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  1. Fancy hotels and interesting/dangerous places don't always go together, but I like your style Harry. I hope we get to see you during your trip to the US.

  2. Well Harry that's good to have a life goal. I hope I'm still around when you reach the dizzy heights of being a travelling the world journalist/correspondent. I've lived that sort of life, not as a journalist, but in another occupation, and I have no regrets.