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Σάββατο, 19 Ιουνίου 2010

Cooking my own meal and going to this party

    After my return from the trip l cooked myself and my family a meal for the first time. l got the recipes from 2 cooks Nigel Slater and Rena Salaman. The recipes follow as chicken with lemon and garlic, fried auberjines with tomato topping and union bread. My parents congratulated me and my mum said that shes going to start paying me so l can make her food for dinner partys (serious). Also for a point of information my parents didn't help me at all except for taking them out of the oven. Today we all went to a party staged by one of my brothers friends. The owner of the house was a man known as Leon and he was delightful and was filled with intresting stories about hunting and trips overseas. Sadly a friend of my brothers head split open and was sent to hospital but never mind that. They also had a small farm were they produced crops for themselves and for friends as Mr.Leon is one of Greeces best advertisers. They also had a troop of deers which he rescued from the north of greece from a cruel looking animal dealer. They are breeding rapidly and at the moment he has 3 babies. The pool was brilliant and there really is nothing better than lazing in a pool in the mediteranean summer.

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