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Κυριακή, 20 Ιουνίου 2010

Ethnic fighting in Kyrgystan

   l know its a bit weird for a boy of mere 11 to read the economist, but today l stumbled upon a article about the recent fighting in kyrgyststan, between uzbeks and kyrgyz. l arleady knew that fighting had been happening in the area but not in such detail. About 200 people have been reported dead but hundreds of thousands of uzbeks have fled including women and children. The neighbouring country of uzbekistan have allowed 40,000 certified refugees, but now they have closed there borders and are not allowing. In the article 2 tragic stories (true) came up which l which l will tell you know: On June 12th at the border, Uzbekistani guards hesitaded as a histerical women sobbed and stumbled towards them. They raised there rifles but didn't fire. Then they began to allow them across. After the first stampede the bodies of four children lay, crushed to death, in the dust.
2 story (true): At dawn a young man wakes up wailing . His neighbours at home have been shot dead, his house burned and his wife and children lost.
These 2 stories really gives us an image of how awful and terrible are earth can be.

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