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Τρίτη, 11 Μαΐου 2010

more about me

   Well l have a summer house in the mountain region of pelion a.k.a the hills of the centaurs. l have quite a few friends not 2 many not 2 little. l really want 2 go to india, russia and italy. Next year me and my family have decided to drive around Europe so l will visit Italy quite soon with it france and possibly Spain. Going to an international school is difficult because so many people leave and friends dont last

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  1. Hello Harry - I am a regular reader and your grandmother's blog - that's how I found you. Good for you to start your own blog. When my sons were around your age they went to an international school in Bangladesh. We were there for 5 years and we made many friends. Now my sons are reaching age 40 and they are still in touch with some of those friends.
    Janet, with grandsons almost your age

  2. I am visiting from your grandmother's blog. I live in Minnesota USA. I visited Greece a few years ago and like it very much. It was in the spring and wildflowers were blooming everywhere.