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Κυριακή, 1 Αυγούστου 2010

The yaught trip and the lobster roll

   After the picnic that Friday evening we where invited to a  trip on there yaught. After much collaberation we decided 2 go using are bikes. The journey there was about 8 miles  passing through big roads and narrowly missing the gigantic cars that you find everywhere in america. It was a large and modern house which l found had a very intresting variety of haitian art (As the owner a lady called Jenifer runs a hospital in Haiti and sells the local art to the americans to raise money 2 benifit the society in the village where the hospital is situated). Jenifers husband a lovely man who owned the boat greeted us with his grandson read who the night before had become a friend of mine. When we did at last board the boat we were greeted by no wind Sadly because of the this we were not able to get that far and soon had to turn back as if we did carry on it would take a good while before we could get back. Despite that we had an enjoyable but short ride on the river. Today we went off for lunch to this seaside restraunt where we ate this most amazing delicacy known as a lobster roll. l would recomend if u ever are eating a lobster roll to empty out all the melted butter into the roll as it gives a very juicy flavour to this wonderful roll.

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  1. Enjoy your time in America Harry. Those Connecticut photos remind me of my wonderful visit with my family in Glastonbury. They have a son Kyle age 10. Fun to hang out with.

  2. Thankyou l hope ure enjoying ur own holiday and having a good time.