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Κυριακή, 1 Αυγούστου 2010


    Its a fun country to stay in and its amzazing how diffrent we are cultury. There are a lot of flags around and rather big cars. The food is very good and l had the best burger of my life at this place called Jack Rabbit. We have done numerous things during the 5 days lve been here l arrived  on tuesday and on the same day had a very nice meal at this place called Alforno. Wednesday we spent most of the time resting as l had not yet got used to the time. Ofcourse my sailing course started the day after and ended on the weakend. We did a race on Friday it was all rather messy as most of the people there hadn't sailed for a whole year. l show great pity atthe kids who had never sailed before to be sudenly told 2 go and rig up a bluejay as we are doing a race. Most of us completly messed up the course and just did big rectangles until it was time to head back. During the race the expected happened and everyone collided together and numerous boats capsized even though there was hardly any wind. After the club was over me and my uncle roger cycled to the beach with some friends to enjoy a evening picnic for the rest of the day.

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