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Πέμπτη, 5 Αυγούστου 2010

The boat ride

   We embarked on a picnic boat trip with Jenifer and Ron. We packed up the food and placed them carefully one by one in the boat before placing ourselves on the soft cushioned seats which were numerous in the boat itself. The night before we went to hear her talk about Haiti and what there trying 2 do. So a lot of talk of haiti with perhaps a bit of my life in Greece and the various inhabitants on the Connecticut River. We sweped through the water before slowing down at a cove where other boats were also embarking on a picnic. The food Jenifer brought was spectacular it consisted of beef riblets, a lovely pasta salad with lobster and prawns and for desert some cookies. On the return journey l was apointed river of the boat so that is what l did. After we had unpacked we went off to the nearest yaught club to listen to a band play music. We had to go soon after woulds beause the dog had been locked up in his cage long enough. Before leaving l was given a folder by Jenifer which inside was found her finished book about her hospital in Haiti and l was to edit it as best l could.

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  1. Lobster is one of the main fisheries for the little toen where I live. Aren't Lobster Rolls are wonderful? Another way we eat leftover lobster is in Hot Lobster Sandwiches - make a bechamel sauce, add in the lobster, season with some cayene pepper and serve over toasted bread. Delicious.

  2. Yes it really is marvelous ist it. If l ever have leftover lobster l will keep ur adbice in mind

  3. Harry - I hope you are continuing to enjoy yourself there in Connecticut. My grandson Kyle (age 10) and his family are out boating on the Connecticut River with friends. Your pictures make me think of them.

  4. Hi Pleasure meeting you at dinner. Here is a good article from BBC. One can see the details quite different from what one is led to believe in US press, and by US govt which we know is not independent of the big money funding its pols.